I don’t, do you? (Want to be one of the Twitter influencers identified by this Burson-Marsteller social media study?)

Click on the image in this article to be taken to the slideshare presentation of this study’s findings.

According to a study done by Burson-Marsteller and StatSocial published on March 25 2014 (the link takes you to the press release), they’ve found that those who follow “Fortunate Global 100 companies on Twitter are more connected and more influential than the average Twitter user.” (My italics.)

The research found that these followers of the Fortune Global 100 are:

  • “3,274 times more influential than average Twitter followers” and
  • “have, on average, 735 connections across all social media platforms compared to just 300 average connections for those who do not.”

Upset or bothered by this? Of course not. Why should you be?

I’d rather be happily, defiantly average and here’s why.

Depressingly and predictably, perhaps, it turns out that those types who love following the news of big corporations on Twitter (especially Tech and Automatic – I’ll just call them cars from now on), then you’re also more likely than the average Twitter user to be interested in these topics:

  • automobiles (1.2 times more likely)
  • business (1.2 times)
  • technology (1.2 times) and
  • politics (1.09 times)

As for the politics: well, that factor intrigues me. Because I wonder: what sort of politics do you reckon fits the profile of the sort of influential Twitter person described? I fear Conservatives and Republicans are most popular. It’d be fascinating to know.

And there’s more. How about these doozy demographic insights? Those influential types are also more likely to be:

  • Male: 1.3 times
  • Older: 1.3 times
  • Live in the US: 54 per cent of those followers do
  • Here’s another fascinating one:Those who follow Auto giants are times less likely to earn less than US$50,000.

So, now you know: If you’re an older male, living in the States, who loves thinking, living, breathing and talking about cars, tech, politics, business and enjoy following the Twitter news updates of big corporations, you’re gonna have influence.

But influence who, exactly? Surely only like-minded individuals on Twitter? As for the rest of us, it seems, the average Tweeters, would we be influenced by them, who don’t share the profile they do? Would you?

And, if so, when is the last time you can remember being influenced by someone with that profile and those interests, who follows more global giants than you do (and especially those in the Tech and Cars industries)?

Conclusion: Be proud to be average and sing it from the roof-tops. Carry on instead doing what you do: following fun stuff, being cultural, reading books, talking about movies, sharing jokes, not having an interest in big global giants in Tech and Cars, being green, following your own politics, listening to music and relating to things that matter to you. Enjoy being defiantly average – I am! After all, it’s got to be a helluva lot better than being one of the dull-sounding influencers in this study and a damn sight better than being influenced by one of them.

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